Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Thermometer Style


We've updated the thermometer style to better show the goal when you're very close to it, previously the goal was not displayed when the donations hit 95% or higher which can be confusing, now the goal appears at the top in plain font and the current amount will appear below in bold.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Upgraded server


We've added a new heavy duty server overnight at CrucialP's datacenter in Dallas, Texas, increasing our resources x 4 to handle the steady growth we're seeing in new DonationsTracker.com accounts on a daily basis. Our main IP address also changed as well, if you get a maintenance page instead of a login, you're seeing the old site and may need to flush your DNS cache. The move over had zero downtime and all images were continuously available as were the incoming donations. If you do notice any issues that could be related to the move please contact our support page or through this blog's comment capability.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Adding Donations Tracker to a Facebook page

Here's how to add a Donations Tracker box to a "page" on Facebook. To add to your profile you just need to click the Donations Tracker app login from Account - Application Settings .

Go to your Facebook Page, click the Edit Page link under the logo.

Then you get the edit page:

Click edit in the Donations Tracker App settings box:

Then Login to your Donations Tracker account:

Pick Campaign from the list:

Pick the Image to add - thermometers fit the best:

Then you can enter a box of text to appear below the image, and add the box to your profile.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Donations Tracker Image sizes

If you want to edit the width or height of your images, here's the page to do it - Edit Campaign - Choose the View/image to edit, then you'll get this screen. For Facebook - remember that if you want to have the image fit to the side of the Wall page, it will need to be about 180 pixels (px) or less width.

Upgrading to a PayPal business or premier account


Today's topic is PayPal account types, there are three - Personal, Premier and Business. We recommend that all of our users be Business or Premier - this will ensure that credit card donations are automatically accepted and paid into your account. The default personal account requires you to manually log in and approve each donation payment before it's credited into your account and then show up in the DonationsTracker.com campaign. (So if you received donations and your campaign is not showing the credit card ones - this is why). Personal accounts usually have a $500 limit before you must do the free upgrade to business or premier. While personal accounts can receive free PayPal transfers up to the first $500, a premier or business account is needed to regularly accept credit card donations or transfers totalling more than $500.

To upgrade to a PayPal business or premier account, visit https://www.paypal.com/UPGRADE.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pick list of multiple campaigns

We recently had a question from someone looking to have an advanced drop down list of campaigns to track separate totals, along with pre-filling out the donation amount, and asking if the donor wants to remain anonymous. The first option list uses the donation web address from the donation button generated on DonationsTracker.com. And this is all put on your own website (modified to look as needed), and the donor will be automatically clicked through to PayPal as all the options are pre-entered.

<form action =" http://www.donationstracker.com/donate.php" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="v" value="1.1">
<select name="donate">
<option value="c3f03bee5983e71b5dc1c2ac1b0fedef&cid=14&vid=15&uid=1">The Euro Fund</option>
<option value="74ad8848a1190545a6745950af847be2&cid=16&vid=17&uid=1">The Pound Fund</option>

<select name="anonymous">
<option value="no">No</option
<option value="anonymous">Yes</option

<p>Amount: $
<input type="text" name="amount" size="8" maxlen="15"></p>

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Donate">




Amount: $