Friday, January 2, 2009

Go Viral on Facebook

We've released a new version of the Facebook application!

Now when you add a view from one campaign to your FaceBook account, your campaign will be available for others to add.

Any Facebook user can add your campaign to their account in one of three ways:
  • Click the "Add campaign" link in the DonationsTracker when viewing the profile of someone who has your campaign added to their FaceBook profile.
  • Select the campaign from the list of campaigns in FaceBook at
  • You can provide the URL for the "Add campaign" link in the DonationsTracker box to your followers to add the application and campaign in a single step. Just mouse-over the link in your profile boxes tab - it will look something like
You can also put in a custom title (required) and a description box to say a little bit about your campaign.

Any users already with a donations tracker box in their profile - you'll want to log in through Facebook and re-select your campaign for these changes to take effect.

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