Monday, December 22, 2008

New Features

Hello again,

With the busy holiday season upon us we've taken the opportunity to crank out a few great new features and update our site as our Christmas present to you!

By popular demand, we've added in the ability to edit a donation - you can make changes to any field such as the amounts, comment, username or address (just remember that if the transaction is updated later by PayPal - like by a refund etc, the changes will be overwritten by the PayPal values). Just click the "edit" link when viewing the list of donors from the Edit Campaign page.

Our newest feature is also possibly one of the most useful - the ability to enter a manual donation. Want to add those checks or cash or other "offline" donations to your campaign and have everything tracked - Add a manual donation from the "edit campaign" page. We're also working to make the donors list display a bit more usable, so if you have any requests to make it more useful, just let us know!

Haven't signed up for yet? Here's our best offer yet - sign up now and try the site out free for a full month. If you don't like it, don't pay, if you do like it, just make a payment from the Account Info page after you've signed in before your free month ends. Click here to activate your free month trial.

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