Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zero Hour

Make a Donation - Test CampaignWe have officially launched our Donations Tracking service for PayPal at After several months of hard work we've adapted our Stellar Web Solutions Donations Tracker for PayPal to a service based model, relieving users of the need to install a database and insert PHP code into their website. The new site initially offers a graphical thermometer representations of donations towards a specific goal. We also plan to offer additional views such as a bar graph, banner, and lists of recent or top donors.

Thermometer features:
  • Custom size
  • Custom colors for thermometer, text, and background to better blend into your website.
  • All PayPal currencies supported
  • Automatically generated on every donation.
PayPal Processing:

We provide generated html Links to correctly track the PayPal payment - all payments are made to your account - we simply use the PayPal IPN feature to record the transaction and update the campaign totals.

Test Button: - Make a Donation to Donation Test

And putting it all together: - Live Donations Tracking for Donation Test Euro - Make a Donation to Donation Test Euro

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