Thursday, May 15, 2008

Raising the bar

Now that you've seen some of the donations tracking displays similar to our original PHP software package Stellar Donations Tracker we'd like to introduce some of the fancier things we can do on our hosted Donations Tracker service, one our neatest developments is bar graphs - something like a horizontal thermometer. - Live Donations Tracking for Donation Test Euro

As with all of our fundraising campaign graphics at the colors, currencies, goal and sizes are fully customizable. We automatically scale the image to whatever size you select and that label at the botom can display any text you want.

We're pretty excited about this, the smaller size of the bar graphs allows them to be placed all over your website, forum, blog, or anywhere you can add HTML. We do the processing on our site and host the automatically updating image - even monthly or annually resetting campaigns are supported.

The image is regenerated to constantly be up to date as you receive new donations. Donations are always processed securely by PayPal directly into your account, we do have any involvement in the financial transaction or have access to the financial information such as credit cards. We do use the PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) feature to record the donation for tracking purposes.

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