Monday, May 12, 2008

Banners galore

We've released a few more "views" this week. Views are what we call an image that represents your donation campaign with useful information like the current totals, target goal, and number of donors.

Our latest undertaking is a banner that can be added to any page that displays the number of donors. For larger campaigns where you don't want to advertise the specifics of your exact income, a number of donors listing can help provide that instant feedback to donors without releasing too much financial info.

Rememeber that every campaign can have an multiple "views" showing different data and using different colors or sizes anywhere on the internet. Mix and match that thermometer with a banner and so on.

The banner will scale to any size - when your number of donors is too big to fit, the font will drop down until the number still fits withing the image size you've chosen. Don't forget you can enter your own donors color, text color, and background as well.

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