Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now in Rotation

For those of you familiar with our Stellar Donations Tracker who used the monthly-resetting feature to collect and display contributions for a monthly or annual cause or anyone needing to collect a set amount every month - we have a solution for you. You can set your Donations Tracker campaign to reset every month or even every calendar year.

This is great for those collecting funds towards monthly costs - such as running a website or gaming server - the amounts collected reset on the first of the month.

Monday, May 19, 2008

FaceBook App Launch


Today we launched a Beta of Donations Tracker for Facebook. Now you can display one of the graphical views on your Facebook profile that will be automically updated as you get donations. Your friends can even click the graphic or donate button to make a donation through PayPal.

Add Donations Tracker to your FaceBook profile!

Get a donations tracking thermometer, bar graph, or other listing in your FaceBook profile, signup now.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Raising the bar

Now that you've seen some of the donations tracking displays similar to our original PHP software package Stellar Donations Tracker we'd like to introduce some of the fancier things we can do on our hosted Donations Tracker service, one our neatest developments is bar graphs - something like a horizontal thermometer.

DonationsTracker.com - Live Donations Tracking for Donation Test Euro

As with all of our fundraising campaign graphics at DonationsTracker.com the colors, currencies, goal and sizes are fully customizable. We automatically scale the image to whatever size you select and that label at the botom can display any text you want.

We're pretty excited about this, the smaller size of the bar graphs allows them to be placed all over your website, forum, blog, or anywhere you can add HTML. We do the processing on our site and host the automatically updating image - even monthly or annually resetting campaigns are supported.

The image is regenerated to constantly be up to date as you receive new donations. Donations are always processed securely by PayPal directly into your account, we do have any involvement in the financial transaction or have access to the financial information such as credit cards. We do use the PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) feature to record the donation for tracking purposes.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Banners galore

We've released a few more "views" this week. Views are what we call an image that represents your donation campaign with useful information like the current totals, target goal, and number of donors.

Our latest undertaking is a banner that can be added to any page that displays the number of donors. For larger campaigns where you don't want to advertise the specifics of your exact income, a number of donors listing can help provide that instant feedback to donors without releasing too much financial info.

Rememeber that every campaign can have an multiple "views" showing different data and using different colors or sizes anywhere on the internet. Mix and match that thermometer with a banner and so on.

The banner will scale to any size - when your number of donors is too big to fit, the font will drop down until the number still fits withing the image size you've chosen. Don't forget you can enter your own donors color, text color, and background as well.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zero Hour

Make a Donation - Test CampaignWe have officially launched our Donations Tracking service for PayPal at http://www.donationstracker.com/. After several months of hard work we've adapted our Stellar Web Solutions Donations Tracker for PayPal to a service based model, relieving users of the need to install a database and insert PHP code into their website. The new site initially offers a graphical thermometer representations of donations towards a specific goal. We also plan to offer additional views such as a bar graph, banner, and lists of recent or top donors.

Thermometer features:
  • Custom size
  • Custom colors for thermometer, text, and background to better blend into your website.
  • All PayPal currencies supported
  • Automatically generated on every donation.
PayPal Processing:

We provide generated html Links to correctly track the PayPal payment - all payments are made to your account - we simply use the PayPal IPN feature to record the transaction and update the campaign totals.

Test Button:
DonationsTracker.com - Make a Donation to Donation Test

And putting it all together:

DonationsTracker.com - Live Donations Tracking for Donation Test Euro

DonationsTracker.com - Make a Donation to Donation Test Euro